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Rare cause of neck pain: tumours of the posterior elements of the cervical spine
  1. Yoshihiro Katsuura,
  2. Garrick Cason,
  3. James Osborn
  1. University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Yoshihiro Katsuura, yoshikatsuura{at}


Here we present two cases of primary bone tumours of the cervical spine in patients who had persistent neck pain—in one case, lasting 8 years. In each case, there was a delay in diagnosis and referral to a spine specialist was prolonged. Primary bone tumours of the spine are rare, which is in contrast to the wide prevalence of cervical neck pain. Many primary care providers may go an entire career without encountering a symptomatic primary cervical spine tumour. In this paper, we discuss the clinical course and treatment of each patient and review the current literature on primary bone tumours of the spine. Owing to the subtle roentgenographic findings of primary cervical tumours, we highlight the importance of advanced imaging in the clinical work-up of simple axial neck pain lasting >6 weeks to avoid misdiagnosis of serious pathology.

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  • Contributors YK prepared the manuscript while GC and JO edited content. All authors contributed equally to planning and reporting of this paper.

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