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Paraurethral cysts in newborn girls


The Skene's glands are located in the distal urethral floor, and they are the largest paraurethral glands. Skene's gland cysts are unusual at any age, but specially newborns. However, due to lack of systematic reporting, true incidence is probably higher than the one described in the literature. We present a newborn girl found to have a paraurethral cyst at birth. Characteristic displacement of the urethral opening was revealed on catheterisation. Review of literature, and comparison to a similar case of interlabial mass previously evaluated, were carried out. We suggest a prenatal development possibly due to maternal oestrogen exposure, although further studies are necessary to determine the exact aetiology. Treatment options include observation, needle aspiration and incisional drainage, partial excision, unroofing and marsupialisation. Expectant management is preferred in asymptomatic cases, particularly in newborns, since spontaneous resolution can occur without long-term sequalae or recurrence. Cases with acute obstruction require immediate surgical management.

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