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Idelalisib-induced pneumonitis
  1. Arjun Gupta1,
  2. Hsiao C Li2
  1. 1Department of Internal Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
  2. 2Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Arjun Gupta, guptaarjun90{at}

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A woman in her 40s with relapsed follicular lymphoma presented with a few days history of shortness of breath and cough producing yellow sputum. There were no reported toxic exposures or contacts with sick people. Medications included idelalisib initiated 5 months ago and a multivitamin. Vital signs were notable for tachycardia and tachypnoea, oxygen saturation was 89% on room air. The alveolar–arterial gradient was 50 mm Hg (expected for age, 16 mm Hg). Examination revealed diffuse crackles in bilateral lung fields. Routine biochemical investigations were unremarkable and multiple infectious studies were negative. Chest …

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