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Skene's gland cyst as an interlabial mass in a newborn girl
  1. Eliana Costantino,
  2. George S Ganesan
  1. Children's Urology Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1. Correspondence to Eliana Costantino, elianacb{at}

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The Skene's glands, the largest of the paraurethral glands, have 6–30 ducts merging in the distal urethra.1 They secrete mucoid material with sexual stimulation and are considered homologues of the male prostate. Skene's duct cysts are a rare cause of interlabial mass, especially in newborns.2 There is a variable incidence of 1:2074–7242, but it may be higher than described in the literature. Maternal oestrogen exposure, obstruction …

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