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Cautionary tale: subdural haematoma following frequent hypoglycaemia from insulin-induced lipohypertrophy
  1. Ian S Boon,
  2. Mujahid A Saeed
  1. Department of Diabetes, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Ian S Boon, ianboon{at}

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A sixth-decade man presented with left-sided hemiparesis and a low Glasgow Coma Scale score. He had sustained a head injury following a fall attributed to increased frequency of hypoglycaemia. He had type 1 diabetes mellitus of 40 years duration and was managed by his general practitioner with insulin aspart and detemir. He had been injecting insulin into the same area of his abdomen for several years.

A CT scan of the head confirmed an acute-on-chronic right-sided subdural haematoma with midline shift …

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