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Multiple embolic cerebral infarcts as the first manifestation of metastatic ovarian cancer
  1. Laura M Bond,
  2. Darko Skrobo
  1. Department of Acute Medicine, Institution of Medicine, Dublin, Ireland
  1. Correspondence to Dr Darko Skrobo, darko.skrobo{at}


A 36-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with a 3-day history of an occipital headache associated with transient visual impairment and short-term memory loss. MRI of the brain showed innumerable focal embolic infarcts of differing ages, for which a cause could not be determined. The patient was discharged and readmitted 7 weeks later with acute aphasia and a right-sided hemiplegia. CT of the abdomen revealed a right-sided ovarian mass and prominent retroperitoneal nodes, which cytology confirmed to be metastatic ovarian cancer.

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