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Neglected partial denture in the lower oesophagus presenting after 7 days


Accidental ingestion of a denture is an acute emergency, and the denture is usually removed on the same day it is discovered. We present a patient who had a seizure while asleep, during which his denture broke; he accidentally swallowed a major part of it, which had a clasp attached. He was unaware that he had ingested the denture, since he was asymptomatic, but he started developing symptoms after 5 days and presented to us on the eighth day of ingestion. With much difficulty, the impacted section of the denture in the distal oesophagus was removed with the combined effort of flexible endoscopy and a rigid oesophagoscopy. Post-procedure, the patient developed mediastinitis, which was managed conservatively; he is doing well on follow-up.

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