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Elderly care between global and local services: the use of somatic care practices
  1. Keren Mazuz
  1. Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel
  1. Correspondence to Dr Keren Mazuz, kerenma{at}


Israel's population is ageing alongside the worldwide ageing population. As the population ages and the number of older people who are ‘ageing in place’ increases, the system of elderly care will face new opportunities and challenges in responding to non-institutional services for elderly care. There is an increasing demand for foreign caregivers despite differences in language and cultural background. This case report describes the global care services provided in Israel by caregivers from the Philippines to emphasis the cultural and social components of elderly care. The following case analyses the use of somatic care practices as culturally intuitive sensitivity practices adjustable to the local culture, especially since the caregiver from the Philippines and her Israeli patient do not share a common language or cultural background.

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