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Hibernoma larynx with large multinodular goitre: unusual airway challenge


A 56-year-old man presented with a 6-month history of progressively increasing neck swelling, dysphagia and hoarseness of voice. CT scan revealed multi-nodular goitre and also showed a lesion in the supraglottis. It also showed another lesion in the supraglottis. Fine-needle aspiration cytology of thyroid revealed follicular cells. Routine flexible laryngoscopy was performed to evaluate vocal cord function; however, we found a smooth well-defined lesion just above the glottis, obstructing the direct view of the vocal cords, and an endangered airway. A provisional diagnosis of a laryngeal cyst was made. With all necessary precautions intubation was performed with a bougie and a reinforced endotracheal tube was inserted. Total thyroidectomy was performed first. With direct suspension laryngoscopy an attempt was made to deliver the laryngeal lesion, however, the lesion could not be removed. A suprahyoid lateral pharyngotomy was performed to deliver the lesion. Histopathology of the lesion revealed hibernoma.

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