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A case of digital hoarding
  1. Martine J van Bennekom1,
  2. Rianne M Blom1,
  3. Nienke Vulink1,
  4. Damiaan Denys2
  1. 1Department of Psychiatry, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. 2Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science, Amsterdam
  1. Correspondence to Martine J van Bennekom, m.j.vanbennekom{at}


A 47-year-old man presented to our outpatient clinic, preoccupied with hoarding of digital pictures, which severely interfered with his daily functioning. He was formerly diagnosed with autism and hoarding of tactile objects. As of yet, digital hoarding has not been described in the literature. With this case report, we would like to introduce ‘digital hoarding’ as a new subtype of hoarding disorder. We conclude with differential diagnostic considerations and suggestions for treatment.

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