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Sialolipoma of the parotid gland: a rare entity


Lipomatous neoplasms of the parotid gland are rare tumours contributing from 0.6% to 4.4% to all parotid neoplasms with most series reporting an incidence of 1%. It is extremely rare in females, being 10 times more common in males, and the most common age of presentation is the five to sixth decade. Numerous histological variants of salivary gland lipoma have been described. Sialolipoma is a rare variant having proliferation of mature adipocytes with secondary entrapment of the normal salivary gland element. We report a rare case of sialolipoma in the right parotid of a 45-year-old woman who was treated with superficial parotidectomy. Postoperative recovery as well as follow-up has been uneventful.

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