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Metastatic breast cancer presenting as detrusor overactivity
  1. Aswini Aparna Balachandran1,
  2. Jonathan Duckett2
  1. 1Department of Women's Health, Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent, UK
  2. 2Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent, UK
  1. Correspondence to Aswini Aparna Balachandran, aswini{at}


Breast carcinoma metastatic to the bladder is rare and accounts for approximately 3% of all secondary bladder neoplasms. We examine a case of breast cancer metastatic to the bladder with normal findings at cystoscopy. A 53-year-old woman with a history of breast carcinoma presented with a 6-month history of severe urgency and urgency incontinence. Treatment with multiple antimuscarinic therapies was unsuccessful. Vaginal examination demonstrated a non-mobile uterus with a suggestion of parametrial thickening. Urodynamic studies confirmed detrusor overactivity. CT showed a thickened bladder wall and cystoscopy revealed normal bladder mucosa with reduced bladder capacity. Bladder biopsies identified a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with strong oestrogen receptor staining. This was reported as a secondary deposit from a primary breast malignancy. The patient is currently under the care of the breast team and undergoing palliative chemotherapy.

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