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Drug-mediated rash: erythema multiforme versus Stevens-Johnson syndrome
  1. Cassandra Hidajat,
  2. Duncan Loi
  1. Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  1. Correspondence to Cassandra Hidajat, CassandraHidajat{at}


A 92-year-old woman presented with an acute onset generalised maculopapular rash with associated mucosal involvement, on a background of recent start of griseofulvin. The rash progressed rapidly over 2 days to involve most of her body, however, mucosal involvement was limited to her oral mucosa. Characteristic target lesions appeared at 72 h, and a diagnosis of erythema multiforme secondary to griseofulvin was made after further investigation and skin biopsy. The patient was monitored closely for progression of the rash and other indicators of more severe dermatological conditions such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. She was managed symptomatically, with resolution of the rash in 4 weeks and full recovery to her premorbid level of functioning. This case details the diagnostic and management approach to erythema multiforme, a condition that warrants thorough consideration for the differential of Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

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