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Treatment of complex infantile haemangioma in a resource-poor setting


Infantile haemangiomas affect approximately 5% of the population and usually do not require treatment. However, complex cutaneous haemangiomas can cause disabling disfigurement, while haemangiomas in the brain, airway or gastrointestinal tract can cause life-threatening complications. Although children with infantile haemangiomas are often first brought to general practitioners and paediatricians by parents for care, they are thought of as a surgical problem and usually referred to specialty care. We present a case of an infant from a resource-poor setting in rural Indonesia with disfiguring facial haemangiomas, as well as a probable airway haemangioma causing stridor at rest. The infant was treated with oral propranolol with marked involution of the cutaneous haemangioma, resolution of stridor and increase in weight.

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