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Uncommon antenatal presentation of tuberous sclerosis


This is a case of a newborn male who was diagnosed in the first month of life with tuberous sclerosis following an incidental ultrasound finding of unilateral ventriculomegaly at 36+6 weeks gestation. The antenatal ultrasound scan at 36+6 weeks was performed to establish fetal lie. Subsequent fetal brain MRI showed lesions that were initially thought to be haemorrhages, but turned out to be features of tuberous sclerosis. The baby also had five cardiac rhabdomyomas and multiple ash leaf macules. This was an unusual presentation of tuberous sclerosis, which on average is diagnosed later (mean age of diagnosis is 5 years). It also illustrates two important points: that subependymal nodules and haemorrhage can have a similar radiological appearance on antenatal MRI and cranial ultrasound and that routine antenatal ultrasound screening will miss the majority of cardiac rhabdomyomas.

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