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Calcifications afloat: bad omens in maxillary sinus augmentation
  1. Daniele Di Pasquale,
  2. Alberto Maria Saibene,
  3. Valentina Bebi,
  4. Giovanni Felisati
  1. Department of Otolaryngology, San Paolo Hospital, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
  1. Correspondence to Profeessor Giovanni Felisati, giovanni.felisati{at}

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A 60-year-old patient was referred to our ear nose and throat (ENT) clinic for facial pain, bilateral midface swelling and purulent nasal discharge. The patient had undergone a bilateral maxillary sinus augmentation procedure 3 weeks before. A nasal endoscopy showed purulent material from both the middle meati, while oral examination revealed a left oroantral fistula.

The head CT scan (figure 1) showed both maxillary sinuses occupied by flogistic material with disperse calcifications and confirmed the left oroantral fistula. These calcifications hint towards a diagnosis of odontogenic sinusitis: multiple calcifications in a completely opacified maxillary sinus …

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