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Case report
Refractory changes in hyperosmolar diabetic decompensation: when hyperglycaemia improves vision
  1. Michel Golay1,
  2. Walter Ferrini2,
  3. Damien Tagan1
  1. 1Department of Internal Medicine, Hopital Riviera Site Samaritain, Vevey, Switzerland
  2. 2Department of Ophtalmology, Hopital Ophtalmique Jules Gonin, Lausanne, Switzerland
  1. Correspondence to Dr Michel Golay, michelgolay{at}


Type 2 diabetes is a frequent condition in humans with about 350 million affected people. One of the complications is blindness caused by damage of the blood vessels in retina, cataract or glaucoma. But in an acute developing hyperglycaemia, changes in sugar level in blood modify the refraction in the eye. Thus people complain of blurred vision. We present a case of a patient with hypermetropia who reported quick amelioration of his vision as hyperglycaemia developed, because of myopisation.

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