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Unusual site and uncommon presentation of epidermoid cyst: a rare case report and review of literature
  1. Manash Ranjan Sahoo1,2,
  2. Manoj S Gowda1,
  3. Syam Sundar Behera2
  1. 1Department of General Surgery, S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha, India
  2. 2Department of Surgery, S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha, India
  1. Correspondence to Dr Manash Ranjan Sahoo manash67{at}


Epidermoid cyst of gastrointestinal tract is very rare, and only a few cases of epidermoid cyst of the caecum have been reported in the literature. We report the first case of epidermoid cyst of the caecum in an elderly man, mimicking mesenteric cyst clinically. It was treated by laparoscopic excision of the cyst. The cyst was spherical, extending from and expanding the serosal surface of the caecum with no communication through the muscularis wall. Histologically, the inner lining of the cyst was composed of benign, mature, keratinised and stratified squamous epithelium with a well-formed granular layer. On opening, the cyst contained pultaceous cheesy material. No calcification, hair, teeth or bone elements were detected.

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