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Acute right ventricular myocarditis presenting with chest pain and syncope
  1. Jennifer Mancio,
  2. Nuno Bettencourt,
  3. Marco Oliveira,
  4. Gustavo Pires-Morais,
  5. Vasco Gama Ribeiro
  1. Department of Cardiology, Hospital Center of Vila Nova de Gaia and Espinho, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  1. Correspondence to Dr Jennifer Mancio, jennimancio{at}


Myocarditis is assumed to involve both ventricles equally. Right ventricular predominant involvement is rarely described. A case of acute viral right ventricular myocarditis presenting with chest pain and syncope, grade 3 atrioventricular block, right ventricular dilatation and free wall hypokinesia is reported. Cardiac MRI showed late enhancement of the right ventricular free wall without involvement of the left ventricle. Anti-Coxsackie A9 virus neutralising IgM-type antibodies titre was elevated. This case emphasises that manifestations of myocarditis can be limited to the right ventricle and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of right ventricular enlargement.

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