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Rare disease
Recurrent non-aneurysmal, metastatic intraparenchymal haemorrhages following resection of atrial myxoma – case report and literature review


Atrial myxomas are the commonest cardiac neoplasms. The most common extra-cardiac manifestations are embolic infarcts from tumour embolisation. Infrequently, aneurysm formation and intracranial haemorrhages also occur. Incredibly rare are space-occupying lesions and malignant transformation. The authors report a case of a previously healthy middle-aged lady who developed recurrent and expanding intraparenchymal haemorrhages following resection of a left atrial myxoma without any primary disease recurrence. The case described is completely different from the described literature in that her intracranial vasculature was free of aneurysms on angiography despite central nervous system haemorrhage and no myxomatous or malignant features were seen on histology of the resected symptomatic occipital lesion. The authors compare this case to the available literature and also provide a literature review.

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