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Rare disease
Isolated ileal bezoar causing small bowel obstruction
  1. Dharita Shah,
  2. Aditi Bhagirath Desai
  1. Radiology Department, VS General Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  1. Correspondence to Dr Dharita Shah, dharsan19{at}


Bezoars are a mass of ingested foreign materials commonly found in stomach in patients with psychiatric problems or history of gastric surgery. Bezoars are classified based on their composition. Frequently encountered are trichobezoars and phytobezoars composed of hair and fibres of fruits and vegetables, respectively. Primary small-bowel bezoars are a rarity and are essentially encountered in patients having small-bowel diseases such as diverticuli, strictures or tumours. Ileal bezoar leading to intestinal obstruction in absence of parent bezoar in stomach is very rare and so we present a case report here. The diagnosis was made on CT scan in which the cause was found to be an ileal bezoar. Surgical resection of the involved segment was performed and diagnosis confirmed on histopathological examination.

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