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Unusual presentation of more common disease/injury
A rare and unusual presentation of urological infection on a patient on steroids
  1. Tsong Kwong1,
  2. Charles Coker1,
  3. Emma Simpson2
  1. 1Department of Urology, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK
  2. 2Department of Radiology, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK
  1. Correspondence to Tsong Kwong, tsongkwongpapers{at}


We report the rare case of adult lobar nephronia in a 49-year-old female, on long-term steroids with no prior urological or transplant history. More frequently reported in paediatric literature, adult lobar nephronia (focal pyelonephritis) is an unusual radiological finding sometimes preceding the development of renal abscess. We advocate that treatment should be a prolonged course of antibiotics and close follow-up.

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