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How the simplest dental implant procedure can trigger an extremely serious complication


A 62-year-old man came to our attention after an operation in a small dental outpatient clinic where only a single dentist was working. The man was showing complications after insertion of a dental implant in the anterior segments of the mandible. Bleeding led to a slow swelling of the neck with airway obstruction. Only an immediate intervention by a mobile emergency unit and prompt tracheal intubation avoided death by asphyxia. The patient was then transferred to our hospital. We inspected the patient and we performed a CT scan that showed complete airway obstruction. First, we performed a tracheotomy in order to ensure the airway patency and then we identified the source of bleeding: the mylohyoid artery placed anomalously close to the mandible. After clamping and tying the artery, the bleeding resolved. One day after the procedure, the tracheotomy was closed; the patient was discharged after 3 days.

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