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Unusual association of diseases/symptoms
Antiphospholipid syndrome presenting as pulmonary thrombosis and pancreatitis in a young man
  1. Sanat Phatak,
  2. Neelam Redkar,
  3. Meenakshi Amit Patil,
  4. Niteen D Karnik
  1. Department of Medicine, Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  1. Correspondence to Dr Meenakshi Amit Patil, meenakshi.patil90{at}


The antiphospholipid syndrome and protein-S deficiency are known prothrombotic conditions. The confirmation of the latter in a patient with a recent antiphospholipid syndrome-associated thrombosis may be difficult as protein-S levels are low in a patient in the wake of recent thrombosis, antiphospholipid antibodies themselves may be targeted against protein-S and oral anticoagulation with warfarin may further bring down protein-S levels. We report a case of a 29-year-old man presenting with widespread unprovoked thrombosis in the form of pulmonary thromboembolism, neck vein thrombosis and pancreatitis. He was found to have antiphospholipid syndrome with low protein-S levels on two occasions. He was anticoagulated with heparin and improved over a 24-day hospital stay marred by the development of an exudative pleural effusion.

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