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Unusual association of diseases/symptoms
Obsessive compulsive disorder with psychosis NOS, in an asexual male: a diagnostic challenge
  1. Thomas Smigas,
  2. Joannie Nevue,
  3. Amin Muhammad Gadit
  1. Psychiatry Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s, Canada
  1. Correspondence to Professor Amin Muhammad Gadit, amin.muhammad{at}


A 28-year-old asexual Malaysian male presented for emergency assessment with suicidal thoughts, paranoid delusions and increasing time spent on ritualistic behaviours that included hand washing, door checking and religious chanting. His obsessions were primarily related to counting, perfectionism, contamination and chanting. The patient found himself compelled to complete numerous rituals including chanting religiously to 1000, having to restart in the event of an error during such and also described delusions of being followed by a woman who was analysing his life pattern in order to steal from him. He then started to proclaim himself to be Buddha as he believed this would keep his dead grandmother away from him, thus avoiding supposed persecution from her. Following optimisation of both escitalpram and olanzapine, a slight reduction in the patient’s ritualistic behaviour and psychotic phenomenon were witnessed.

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