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Rare disease
Plantar angiomyxolipoma in a child


Angiomyxolipoma, a lipoma variant with myxoid areas and vascular proliferation was originally described in 1996 and till date has only 12 cases in published literature. Only two cases have been reported in children involving buccal mucosa and knee, respectively. The authors report a case of angiomyxolipoma, on the plantar surface of the left foot, in a 4-year-old male child who presented to our institution in Abha city (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The significant differential diagnosis of this neoplasm from other similar lipomatous tumours occurring in adult and paediatric population is discussed. The importance of recognising these tumours lies in their recognition as separate entity and the present case may add to the knowledge, clinical behaviour and prognosis of these less reported lipomatous neoplasms.

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