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Rare disease
A rare case of adult primary jejunal volvulus
  1. Mio Takatsuka1,
  2. Mohammad Ali Shah2,
  3. Brahman Dharmarajah3,
  4. Robert Brightwell3,
  5. Nizar Damani4
  1. 1Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, Surgery, Barnet Hospital, Wellhouse Lane, Hertfordshire EN5 3DJ, UK
  2. 2Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London N19 5NF, UK
  3. 3Watford General Hospital, General Surgery, Vicarage Road, Watford WD18 0HB, UK
  4. 4Watford General Hospital, Radiology, Vicarage Road, Watford WD18 0HB, UK
  1. Correspondence to Mio Takatsuka, miotakatsuka{at}


Jejunal volvulus is a rare and life threatening presentation of intestinal ischaemia. Clinical features, laboratory investigations and plain abdominal films are non-specific and so computed tomography (CT) scanning is useful in reaching a timely diagnosis. Rapid recourse to surgical intervention is typical and life saving. We report a rare case of primary jejunal volvulus which, after diagnosis on emergency CT scanning, was successfully treated by laparotomy and resection of infarcted bowel.

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