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Cameron lesions: an often overlooked cause of iron deficiency anaemia in patients with large hiatal hernias
  1. Nina Kimer,
  2. Palle Nordblad Schmidt,
  3. Aleksander Krag
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark
  1. Correspondence to Aleksander Krag, aleksanderkrag{at}


Cameron lesions are linear gastric ulcers or erosions on the mucosal folds at the diaphragmatic impression in patients with a large hiatal hernia. The lesions are associated with occult bleeding and development of chronic iron deficiency anaemia, but are often overlooked during routine endoscopy. We present two patients with known hiatal hernias in who repeated endoscopic examinations had not been able to identify a source of bleeding. In both cases, typical Cameron lesions were found either by repeat gastroscopy or by capsule endoscopy. Treatment with high-dose proton pump inhibitor and iron supplement was initiated.

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