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Rare disease
Reverse (posterior) cloaca with congenital rectal stenosis and pseudohermaphrodism: a rare entity with rare association
  1. Intezar Ahmed,
  2. Shiv Narain Kureel,
  3. Naveen Chandra
  1. CSM Medical University, Pediatric Surgery, Lucknow, India
  1. Correspondence to Intezar Ahmed, ahmed_intezar{at}


Reverse (posterior) cloaca is itself a rare entity and association of this defect with other congenital syndromes or defects is extremely rare to find. To diagnose this unique anomaly one should be aware about this very infrequently encountered clinical entity. Reverse cloaca is a very rare variant of anorectal malformation in which urethra and vagina fused to form a urogenital sinus that diverts posteriorly and opens in the anterior rectal wall at the anus or immediately anterior to it. We report a neonate with the rare clinical entity of reverse cloaca type C, pseudophallus with rudimentary urethra as a component of female pseudohermaphrodism and congenital rectal stenosis. Surprisingly, there was no associated urological abnormality on ultrasonography and laparotomy.

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