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Reminder of important clinical lesson
Accidental ingestion of a cocktail stick
  1. Christodoulos Kaoutzanis,
  2. Wassim Saghir,
  3. Ayman Hamade,
  4. William Garrett
  1. Department of General Surgery, Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent, UK
  1. Correspondence to Christodoulos Kaoutzanis, ckaoutzanis{at}


Cocktail stick (CS) ingestion injury has rarely been reported in the literature. It is a serious clinical problem with considerable morbidity and mortality, largely due to the fact that the event is unnoticed by the patient. We report a case of CS ingestion that went unrecognised by the patient and caused a perforation in the mid-small bowel. We discuss how injuries from such events can become a diagnostic challenge. The history should be re-evaluated in any undiagnosed abdominal pain which has an unclear aetiology and negative radiology.

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