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Single coronary artery: circumflex/right coronary circle
  1. P O Lim
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A 70-year-old woman with a background history of hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia presented with an anterior myocardial infarction. She received thrombolytic treatment, with resolution of her ST-segment elevation. She had a diagnostic coronary angiogram via her right radial artery which showed a single coronary artery, with the atrioventricular circumflex artery continuing as the right coronary artery (panel). There were no significant obstructive lesions in her left anterior descending artery. Although an anomalous circumflex artery arising from the right coronary artery is relatively common, and a right coronary artery arising from the left anterior descending artery is well reported, this seemingly intuitive type of anomalous right coronary artery has not previously been reported.



This article has been adapted from Lim P O. Single coronary artery: circumflex/right coronary circle Heart 2007;93:1472

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