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Rare disease
Τhyroid storm induced by trauma due to spear-fishing gun trident impaction in the neck
  1. Stylianos Delikoukos1,
  2. Fotis Mantzos
  1. 1
    Halkis General Hospital, Surgical Clinic, 9 Papakiriazi Street, Larissa, 41 223, Greece
  2. 2
    Halkis General Hospital, Surgical Clinic, 100 Cyprus Street, Larissa, 41 221, Greece
  1. Stylianos Delikoukos, morfula{at}


A rare case of thyroid storm induced by thyroid gland injury because of penetrating neck trauma is reported. The injury was the result of a spear-fishing gun trident impaction in the neck. The diagnosis of thyroid gland injury was suspected by preoperative clinical examination and established during neck exploration in the theatre. The gland injury led to thyroid storm owing to the rupture of acini and liberation of thyroxine (T4) into the bloodstream. Withdrawal of the impacted trident along with subtotal thyroid lobectomy and repair of soft tissue damage in addition to supported treatments, which corrected the hyperthyroid state, led to uneventful recovery.

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