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Learning from errors
Lemierre syndrome: once seen it can never be mistaken
  1. Sana Abourazzak1,
  2. Amine Zouagui1,
  3. Laila Smaili1,
  4. Hanane Ouzaa2,
  5. Youssef Moulay Alaoui Lamrani2,
  6. Siham Tizniti2,
  7. Larbi ElArqam1,
  8. Sana Chaouki1,
  9. Samir Atmani1,
  10. Abdelhak Bouharrou1,
  11. Moustapha Hida1
  1. 1
    Department of Pediatrics, CHU Hassan II, Route de Sidi Hrazem, Fez 30000, Morocco
  2. 2
    Department of Radiology, CHU Hassan II, Route de Sidi Hrazem, Fez 30000, Morocco
  1. Sana Abourazzak, abourazzak77{at}


Lemierre syndrome is a rare but severe septicaemia due most frequently to Fusobacterium necrophorum, with primary foci in the head, internal jugular vein thrombosis and metastatic infections, mainly in the lungs. We report two cases of Lemierre syndrome admitted to the paediatric unit of our hospital at 2-month intervals. The first was 10 years old and the second one was a 3-month-old infant. They were diagnosed on the 25th hospital day and at the time of admission, respectively. In the first case, diagnosis was delayed due to unfamiliarity with this disease. In the second patient the diagnosis was established on the first day because of the recent experience with patient 1. In both cases, bacteriological investigations were not helpful. Both patients had a favourable outcome after prolonged antibiotic treatment, anticoagulation and surgical drainage.

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