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Novel treatment (new drug/intervention; established drug/procedure in new situation)
Tennis ranking related to exercise capacity
  1. Winfried Banzer,
  2. Christian Thiel,
  3. Andreas Rosenhagen,
  4. Lutz Vogt
  1. J W Goethe-University, Sports Medicine, Ginnheimer Landstr. 39, Frankfurt, 60487, Germany
  1. c.thiel{at}


This is the first 7-year prospective case report on the relationship between VO2max during preparation and the following year’s entry ranking for a top athlete. The strong relationship between VO2max and the following year’s ATP entry ranking over time underlines the importance of the preseason training period to optimise cardiorespiratory capacity. The current findings emphasise the relevance and predictive value of continuous performance tests and the need for more elaborate and longitudinal tracking study designs, as well as regression models that include playing style as a covariate.

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