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Unexpected outcome (positive or negative) including adverse drug reactions
Herb-related aneuploidy in breast fibroadenoma
  1. Chun-Ju Chang1,2,
  2. Jen-Hwey Chiu1,3,
  3. Chew-Wun Wu3,
  4. Wing-Yu Lui3
  1. 1
    Institute of Traditional Medicine, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, No. 155, Section II, Li-Nong Street, Pei-tou, Taipei, 112, Taiwan, ROC
  2. 2
    Department of Food Science, National Taiwan Ocean University, No. 2 Pei-Ning Road, Keelung, 20224, Taiwan, ROC
  3. 3
    Division of General Surgery, Department of Surgery, Taipei-Veterans General Hospital, No. 201, Section II, Shih-pei Road, Taipei, 115, Taiwan, ROC
  1. Jen-Hwey Chiu, chiujh{at}


There is consensus that attitudes toward seeking complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are different between oriental and western patients. A 16-year-old girl who presented with enlarged breast tumours also had a 3-year history of “Si-Wu-Tang” (SWT) intake. Pathology of the resected breast tumour disclosed a giant fibroadenoma with aneuploid status. A cohort study was conducted between two groups of patients with fibroadenomas: SWT intake (+) group and SWT intake (−) group. Patients were told to discontinue SWT intake for 3 months, and this was followed by breast ultrasonographic examination in both groups. The tumour sizes before and after discontinued SWT intake were 2.3±0.11 cm and 1.5±0.12 cm in the SWT (+) group, and 1.7±0.15 cm and 1.6±0.14 cm in SWT (−) group, respectively (p<0.05). It is concluded that this report provides important information for patients with breast tissue diseases and that continuous intake of medicinal herbs is recommended only under the guidance of trained CAM providers.

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