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Rare disease
71-year-old woman with dizziness and lipomatous hypertrophy of the left atrium
  1. Philip Samuel Osbak,
  2. Klaus Fuglsang Kofoed
  1. Hvidovre University Hospital Copenhagen, Department of Cardiology, Hvidovre, 2650, Denmark
  1. philiposbak{at}


Lipomatous hypertrophy, an unencapsulated atrial mass of adipose tissue, occurs in 1% of the population; the clinical significance of this is uncertain. Diagnosis is by echocardiography, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging scan. Surgical intervention is thought to be indicated in patients with obstruction, thromboembolism, uncontrollable arrhythmia or when liposarcoma cannot be excluded. We describe a case in which a 71-year-old woman was diagnosed with lipomatous hypertrophy of the left atrium. The finding of a large atrial mass was unexpected in this case. The clinical implications of the finding are unclear, since the aetiology and prognostic consequences are unknown. As the finding is not that uncommon others may find similar cases. It is therefore important that echocardiographers are aware of this entity and the aspects one needs to consider when deciding upon the best evaluation and treatment strategy.

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