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Rare disease
Ureterocolic fistula in the presence of a solitary kidney
  1. Catherine M Dowling,
  2. Michael St J Floyd,
  3. Richard E Power,
  4. John M Hyland,
  5. David M Quinlan
  1. St Vincent’s University Hospital, Urology, Dublin, D4, Ireland
  1. catherine.dowling{at}


Among the entero-urinary fistulae, those between the ureter and colon are rare. Most spontaneous ureterocolic fistulae are caused by urinary calculi. We report a case of a spontaneous ureterocolic fistula which occurred as a consequence of diverticular disease. This rare presentation was further complicated as it occurred in the presence of a solitary kidney. The patient underwent a laparoscopic defunctioning loop ileostomy and after 6 weeks underwent definitive surgical treatment of the ureterocolic fistula. We describe the presentation and management of this fistula and review the current literature.

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