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Unusual presentation of more common disease/injury
Mixed hydroblast and missile injury with abdominal eventeration: case report
  1. Wojciech Marks1,
  2. Marek Białko1,
  3. Mariusz Stasiak1,
  4. Włodzimierz Deja1,
  5. Michał Penkowski2,
  6. Katarzyna Golabek-Dropiewska1,
  7. Jerzy Lasek1
  1. 1
    Medical University of Gdañsk, Department of Trauma Surgery, Dêbinki Street 7, Gdañsk, 80-211, Poland
  2. 2
    Medical University of Gdañsk, Department of Biophysics, Dêbinki Street 7, Gdañsk, 80-211, Poland
  1. K Golabek-Dropiewska, ottoll{at}


Gunshot injuries are quite common nowadays. Increasing numbers of high-pressure injection injuries are also being observed with a good correlation with industrial progress. High-pressure devices produce pressures and velocities of fluid streams similar to those generated in firearms. However, no missile plays a part in high-pressure injection injuries. We present the unusual case of mixed missile and hydroblast injury, which has not yet been reported. Physical characteristics, typical patterns of injury and the possibility of infectious complications are shown. The importance of educating workers about safety precautions is emphasised.

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