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Reminder of important clinical lesson
The farmer who didn’t need a wheel barrow
  1. Willibald Hochholzer,
  2. Christina Orasch,
  3. Stefanie Huber,
  4. Christian Arranto,
  5. Sabina Hunziker
  1. University Hospital Basel, Department of Internal Medicine, Petersgraben 4, Basel, 4031, Switzerland
  1. Willibald Hochholzer, hochholzerw{at}


We report the difficulties encountered in diagnosing leptospirosis in an 85-year-old man who presented with non-specific signs and symptoms. Initially, a wide haematologic and oncologic work-up without significant results was performed, as symptoms of several organ dysfunctions emerged and the clinical course showed a rapid deterioration. After several days without a definite diagnosis, the infection was finally detected after reviewing all results and considering the patient’s profession as a farmer. After receiving appropriate antibiotic treatment the patient recovered fully.

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