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Bloody nipple discharge due to intraductal papilloma in an adolescent girl


An early adolescent girl was referred to our breast surgery clinic with multiple right-sided breast masses and several months of unilateral bloody nipple discharge. MRI demonstrated multiple enhancing masses in the right breast with intrinsic hypertensive T1 signal of the ducts extending to the nipple. A biopsy showed partially sclerosed intraductal papillomas without atypia or malignancy. Following extensive counselling with the patient and her family, two palpable breast masses and a single central breast duct responsible for bloody nipple discharge were fully excised. Histopathological analysis showed unique overlapping features of resembling intraductal papilloma, nipple adenoma and fibroadenomas. The patient has had resolution of her bloody nipple discharge and excellent cosmetic outcomes post-surgery. Intraductal papilloma is rare in the adolescent population and the risk of concurrent and future malignancy is not well established. Thus, a tailored approach to the work-up and management of paediatric breast masses is essential.

  • Breast surgery
  • Pathology

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