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Use of the EXOPULSE Mollii for severe ataxia in an adult male 4 months after cardiac arrest


The EXOPULSE Mollii is designed to reduce spasticity through low-current electrical stimulation of major muscle groups. The effect on severe cerebellar ataxia has not been investigated. This case describes the use of the EXOPULSE Mollii in an adult male with severe cerebellar ataxia 4 months after cardiac arrest and ischaemic stroke. The patient used the suit in 15 of 19 possible sessions (78.9%). He improved in the sit-to-stand test, arm function test and 10 m walking test. He described improved visual focus, ability to speak and swallow. Improvements were maintained for 1 week after the last session. The EXOPULSE Mollii is relevant to consider in the early stages of inpatient rehabilitation for patients with severe ataxia, but further research is warranted.

  • movement disorders (other than Parkinsons)
  • stroke
  • physiotherapy (rehabilitation)

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