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Combined rhegmatogenous and tractional retinal detachment in a child with incontinentia pigmenti managed by scleral imbrication with scleral buckle


We report for the first time a child with incontinentia pigmenti presenting with acute-onset rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in association with pre-existing tractional retinal detachment. Due to the combined nature of this detachment, complex vector forces acting on the retina makes this a difficult to treat situation. A single surgery of modified scleral imbrication with scleral buckle was effective in reattaching the retina by providing a very high buckle indent to accommodate all the complex vector forces. Commonly used procedure of vitrectomy and silicone oil usage was avoided as that often requires multiple surgeries and may result in variable and unpredictable response.

  • Retina
  • Paediatrics

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