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Case for conservative management of adenoviral pseudomembranous conjunctivitis


The clinical course of adenoviral pseudomembranous conjunctivitis is mostly self-limiting and requires only supportive management measures; however, a minority of patients may develop severe inflammation in response to the virus, which can present as subepithelial infiltrates and pseudomembranes. In its most severe form, symblepharon can result from the inflammatory response resulting in longer-term clinical sequelae. The optimal management of adenoviral pseudomembranous conjunctivitis is poorly defined and while debridement is commonly recommended, there is limited evidence base to support this practice. In this paper, we present two cases of PCR-proven adenoviral pseudomembranous conjunctivitis managed conservatively with topical lubricants and corticosteroids rather than debridement to good effect.

  • Anterior chamber
  • Visual pathway

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