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Large erupted complex odontoma mimicking maxillary osteomyelitis


Odontoma is the most common benign odontogenic hamartoma. Odontomas are of two types, such as viz compound and complex odontoma. The complex type is a conglomeration of hard tissues of dental origin. They are primarily intraosseous and usually present in the second decade of life. Most odontomas are asymptomatic, but those erupting in the oral cavity may cause severe infection. They are often associated with impacted teeth and are present with the anterior maxilla showing the highest propensity.

The present case report is of a male patient in his early 60s with a substantial solitary sclerotic odontoma of the middle and posterior segments of the maxilla erupted into the oral cavity communicating with the right maxillary sinus. The delayed presentation, size, location and active suppuration can misguide clinicians.

  • Dentistry and oral medicine
  • Radiology (diagnostics)
  • Mouth

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