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Ruptured ectopic molar pregnancy and ruptured uterine fibroid: a challenging rare diagnosis


Although rare and unusual occurrences, a ruptured ectopic molar pregnancy (MP) and a ruptured uterine fibroid can lead to significant maternal morbidity and mortality. We present a unique case of these complications developing concurrently—resulting in the haemodynamic compromise of an otherwise healthy young female patient. The patient underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy which converted into a laparotomy, salpingectomy and myomectomy. Comprehensive histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of a ruptured ectopic complete MP and ruptured uterine fibroid. The patient recovered quickly within days. Prompt definitive management, conclusive histopathology and adequate follow-up were the hallmarks of this singular case. These key factors lead to the rare diagnosis of ruptured ectopic MP and uterine fibroid, prevention of adverse outcomes and provision of comprehensive patient care.

  • Pregnancy
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology

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