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Gamma Knife radiosurgery for a recurrent craniocervical junction solitary fibrous tumour


Spinal solitary fibrous tumour (SFT) is an uncommon tumour with few cases reported in the literature. It rarely originates at the craniocervical junction. To our knowledge, only eight cases of spinal SFT located at the craniocervical junction have been reported in the literature. We presented a patient with a craniocervical junction SFT and discussed its clinical presentation, radiological features, pathology, management and outcome. This was the first patient reported in the literature with a recurrent craniocervical junction SFT treated with Gamma Knife radiosurgery. The treatment reduced the tumour volume by more than 85% within 12 months.

  • neurosurgery
  • pathology
  • CNS cancer
  • neurooncology
  • radiotherapy

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