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Difficult diagnosis of factitious disorder


Factitious disorder imposed on another, or medical child abuse, has been rarely reported to have primary ocular presentations. We report an unusual and difficult diagnosis of factitious disorder imposed by a mother on her infant resulting in bilateral blindness. An infant was referred with a history of recurrent periorbital cellulitis and sanguineous discharge associated with seizure-like episodes. Symptoms have been going on for more than 14 months, and child had been treated by different physicians from different specialties without a clear ophthalmic diagnosis. The right eye was previously enucleated at an outside hospital for secondary complications of similar symptoms. He was admitted for exhaustive diagnostic tests and multiple surgical treatments, and his hospital stay was complicated with multiple corneal perforations and apnoeic episodes despite optimal treatment. After suspicion of factitious disease, continuous electroencephalography and video monitoring revealed evidence of the mother inflicting physical harm to her child.

  • Ophthalmology
  • Child abuse

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