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Combined robotic and subinguinal microsurgical vasovasostomy for vasal obstruction after inguinal hernia repair


Obstruction of the vas deferens may occur after inguinal hernia repair with mesh and lead to infertility. In cases where natural conception is desired and after obtaining test results that suggest the presence of spermatogenesis, surgical reconstruction can be attempted but may be difficult. Several approaches have been reported, including the laparoscopic mobilisation of the pelvic vas deferens, as well as mobilisation and passage of the scrotal vas deferens intra-abdominally for robot-assisted vasovasostomy. We describe a novel approach that used the surgical robot and a no-touch technique to mobilise the pelvic vas deferens and deliver it to the subinguinal region for subinguinal microsurgical vasovasostomy. This approach appeared to be feasible and safe, allows for simultaneous bilateral repair if needed, and was associated with rapid postoperative convalescence.

  • Urology
  • Urological surgery

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