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Deoxycholate amphotericin for histoplasmosis in a patient with poor kidney function


A 48-year-old male patient living with HIV presented to our hospital with fever and weight loss. On evaluation, he was found to have pancytopenia, deranged liver and kidney function. CD4 count was 13 cells/uL. Bone marrow examination done because of pancytopenia showed yeast forms of histoplasmosis. Although liposomal amphotericin B is preferred for induction, he was treated with deoxycholate amphotericin B despite poor kidney function because of financial constraints. He was treated for 12 days with intravenous amphotericin, during which his clinical condition significantly improved. He was discharged on oral itraconazole.

  • HIV / AIDS
  • contraindications and precautions
  • acute renal failure

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