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Solitary fibrous tumour of mediastinum: an often asymptomatic neoplasm


Solitary fibrous tumours (SFTs) are rare neoplasms derived from mesenchymal cell lines. They are often asymptomatic, follow an indolent growth pattern and are more often benign than malignant. Here, we present a case of a very large, asymptomatic mediastinal SFT in an otherwise healthy man. A 67-year-old Irish man was referred for workup of an asymptomatic murmur. Auscultation of the lung fields revealed diminished breath sounds on the right side. Chest X-ray identified a 20 cm mass localised within the thorax. CT of the thorax confirmed a pleural based, solid lesion with no local invasion. CT-guided core biopsies were reported as consistent with SFT. Primary excision of the lesion was undertaken via median sternotomy. Histological examination confirmed a diagnosis of SFT. The patient remains well at this time. Primary excisive surgery is a safe and effective treatment modality for SFTs.

  • lung cancer (oncology)
  • cardiothoracic surgery

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